Two police dogs laid off in Dillon

You know times are tough and resources are tight when even dogs are getting pink-slipped.

That's what happened in Dillon to a pair of police pooches. But don't worry: They're not going to wind up on the streets.

According to the Summit Daily News, the dogs were essentially freebies, with one coming aboard after his handler was hired to work for the Dillon PD and the other was donated.

However, upkeep isn't cheap, with costs estimated at thousands of dollars per year, and Police Chief Steve Neumeyer ultimately decided to cut the entire program in order to save money.

Not that the Dillon force is anti-animal. The photo accompanying Neumeyer's letter of welcome to the community features one big enough to ride:

Moreover, the dogs in question won't be heading to the canine equivalent of the unemployment line. The News reports that they will continue to live with their respective handlers, both of whom still have their jobs with the Dillon PD.

Which is probably just as well. Imagine the tension around the house if the dog became the breadwinner.

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