UFO spotted over Denver during stormiest week of year: Are you buying this? (VIDEOS)

Given the recent rash of storms in these parts, it's been at least a week since most of us have seen anything other than clouds illuminated by the occasional lightning strike when we've looked to the skies. But YouTube user magnetflipper has been luckier. On Tuesday, he spotted a UFO -- which isn't an unusual occurrence for him.

Here's the video of his sighting, along with his text explanation:

This was recorded about 1:40.m. On the 12 July 2011 over Southeast Denver Colorado flying from the East to the West at a very fast speed. This is NOT a satellite as is changes it's direction, please look very carefully.It was also very dark as there was no Moonlight. I have no idea as to what these objects are. What I do is record and post, these are VERY REAL UFO clips of what I have recorded and NOT FAKE !! DEAL WITH IT ON YOUR OWN TERMS !!

The device that was used to record was made by Xenonics, Supervision a starlight amplifier that amplifies light and allows you to see a very dark sky, it's like daylight, except you can see all stars. This was recorded by a Casio camera Exilim DSLR HD format. Please see the equipment on my channel there are two video clips on that.

How long had it been since magnetflipper had spotted a UFO above Denver? A whole week. Here's a video from July 5...

... which was nice, but not as impressive as a "multi-formation of space craft" eyeballed on May 4...

Back in March, our Show and Tell blog shared still more UFO videos from magnetflipper, who appears to be among the only people to realize that there's a veritable traffic jam of unexplained phenomena over our fair city. Scoff if you will, but remember: The truth is out there.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.