An image from Kevin Beaty's video of the latest homeless sweep, on view below.
An image from Kevin Beaty's video of the latest homeless sweep, on view below.
Kevin Beaty

Video: Denver Homeless on Ballpark Area Sweep, Trashed Belongings

On Tuesday, City of Denver workers launched a clean sweep of the Ballpark neighborhood, where the homeless had been setting up encampments — or at least stashing stuff that was not allowed in  nearby shelters. During the move — which was overseen by Denver Police Department officers — some of those belongings were taken into storage, but others were tossed into waiting trash trucks.

Criticism came quickly. In advance of the action, Denver Homeless Out Loud had pointed out the city's lack of shelter beds had led to the encampments, despite the urban-camping ban in Denver; even as the city was sweeping the streets, ACLU Colorado executive director Nathan Woodliff-Stanley argued that the answer to the homeless problem "cannot be increased criminalization and draconian sweeps that push away and attempt to hide impoverished people out of sight."

Our videographer, Kevin Beaty, was there to capture the scene — and the words of those most affected, the homeless themselves.

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