Video: Local cartoon studio Mighty Fudge animates "I Got Lenoed"

While Colorado doesn't boast that many animation studios, those we have are known to pack quite a punch. Take Mighty Fudge Studios, a Boulder operation that for the past eleven years, has been churning out Saturday morning-style cartoons with an adult twist by way of its spots for Clear Channel Communications, music videos for Dressy Bessy, or everybody's favorite ode to adolescence, "My First Boner."

Now these impish animators have taken aim at a very ripe target: Jay Leno. To promote the release of their new DVD The 1984 Los Angeles Comedy Competition With Host Jay Leno, L.A.-based Xenon Pictures decided to create "I Got Lenoed," a video detailing the problems associated with producing the film that happen to eerily echo late night wars tussle Leno and Conan O'Brien -- and they chose Mighty Fudge to pull the video together. You can see the final product below. We're not sure Leno would like it, but we give it two mighty thumbs up.

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