Video: Ryan Clady predicts fans will pressure Jets to start Tim Tebow before season's end

Broncos lineman Ryan Clady provided insight into the 2011 Denver locker room during an ESPN chat yesterday. Despite goading from Tim Tebow fan club head Skip Bayless, Clady didn't shy away from noting Timmy's "trials and tribulations," said the defense was largely responsible for his win streak, and mainly complemented The Chosen One's play at the end of games, not earlier. Yet he still predicted that before the season is over, Tebow will start at QB for his new team, the New York Jets.

His logic? Clady feels that if Mark Sanchez underperforms, as he has been known to do, Tebow fans will cause such an uproar that Rex Ryan and company will have to make a switch. When asked if that kind of pressure is what influenced the decision of John Elway and John Fox to hand Tebow the ball, he hemmed and hawed briefly before saying that in the end, there was nothing else they could do. He also compared the dynamic between Kyle Orton and Tebow with the Broncos to the Sanchez-Tebow pairing in NYC.

Oh yeah: He also confirmed that everyone on the squad is excited to have Peyton Manning in orange -- but that doesn't exactly qualify as a revelation. Check out the ESPN exchange below.

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