Video: Shotgun Willie's strip club teases new reality show Under the Gun

Last month, we brought you the news that Libertarian Glendale mayor Mike Dunafon is running for Colorado governor. Dunafon has a storied history with the tiny city of Glendale: In the late '90s, he helped stifle the then-mayor's plans to put restrictions on the city's lucrative strip clubs -- including the iconic Shotgun Willie's, which is owned by Dunafon's wife, Debbie Matthews. Dunafon was eventually elected mayor himself and helped usher in an era of growth for Glendale that saw the city build the country's only municipally owned rugby stadium and make moves toward constructing a $400 million riverwalk entertainment district along the banks of Cherry Creek.

Along the way, Dunafon has begun filming a reality show called Under the Gun. And this week, the show released a new trailer -- chock-full of Libertarian ideals and strippers.

We first wrote about the reality show last summer, when we spoke with Los Angeles-based director Patrick Guthrie. "The point of this is to show that in this family, you have two people who are involved in very different ways that are very important in the future of their city," he told us, referring to Dunafon and Matthews.

Here's more of what Guthrie had to say:

Guthrie met Dunafon during the planning for the Infinity Park rugby complex and is a true Dunafon believer. According to him, Dunafon and Matthews were approached by the likes of HBO and Playboy to do a reality show centered around Matthews's club, but turned down the offers when the networks wouldn't give them editorial control. Instead, the three decided to produce a show themselves.

But their vision is different from the all-access, behind-the-scenes tenor of most reality TV. In fact, it seems more like a platform from which to share Dunafon's political views, which he explains on his website: "Imagine a world that is libertarian, secular, fiscally conservative, big-family, small-government, and decidedly pro-business. Imagine an America where Liberty defines all of our choices." The show's hashtag on Twitter is #RestoreLiberty.

"The editorial voice of the show is Mike's," Guthrie says. "He has a certain way of connecting with people.... I would say that he has gravitas. When he walks in the room, everyone turns around and goes, 'Who's that guy?'"

This latest trailer, which was posted on the Under the Gun website as well as Facebook and Twitter, seems to have less politics and more nakedness. We've reached out to Dunafon to ask him about the new trailer, and we'll update this post if and when we hear back.

Watch the trailer below. We've also included two videos featured on Dunafon's website, mikedunafon.com, about his run for governor. One of them includes an appearance by Wyclef Jean, who played at this year's 4/20 rally at Civic Center Park in Denver.

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