Video: Tim Tebow magic betrays Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry in Iowa

Tim Tebow's three game losing streak on the field is echoed by the skid experienced by Republican presidential candidates who invoke him. Last month, Texas Governor Rick Perry said he wanted to be the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses. Instead, he finished fifth last night and is suspending his campaign. And Minnesota rep Michelle Bachmann also learned Tebow magic isn't transferable.

About three weeks ago, the No Compromise PAC created a spot that begins with shots of the Chosen One and narration that asks, "What do Tim Tebow and Michele Bachmann have in common? Well, at first glance, you might say nothing. But look a little deeper.

"The establishment sports guys just love to hate Tim Tebow," the text continues. "He's not smart enough, his mechanics are no good, he's not accurate enough. Still he just keeps winning. Maybe they're so invested in his failure because he makes them all feel guilty. He doesn't drink, smoke, cuss or even kick his opponents when they're on the ground. He has no baggage and, oh yeah, he's a born-again Christian.

"Well, the same could be said of Michele Bachmann," the speaker intones. "No baggage, Christian and, like Tebow, she just keeps fighting and she just keeps winning votes."

Obviously, the ad's Tebow-touting feels a little dated at this point -- yet the Huffington Post reports that the commercial was running in Iowa in the days leading up to the election. And guess what? Bachmann finished with just 5 percent support in the caucuses, ahead of only John Huntsman, who didn't compete in Iowa.

Unlike Perry, Bachmann (update) has now ended her campaign. In contrast, Tebow will against the Pittsburgh Steelers in this weekend's opening round of the playoffs. Let's pray he saved all his remaining miracles for the Broncos.

Look below to see the Bachmann ad, followed by Perry's Tebow mention during a December debate.

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