Video: Tim Tebow wields T-shirt cannon like all-pro on Jimmy Fallon

NBC's Jimmy Fallon recently riffed on Tim Tebow-mania by crossing the QB with David Bowie to create...Tebowie. Then, last night, Tebow reconfirmed his sense of humor by appearing on Fallon's show. In the segment on view below, he mocked the host for being "pitchy" during the Tebowie skit -- an amusing gag, since Tebow may be the worst singer of all-time.

Unfortunately, we can no longer post Tebow's version of "My God is an awesome God" directly, since NFL Films, which captured him warbling this line prior to the Chicago Bears game, is no longer in a sharing mood. But by clicking on the link directly above, you can hear it in the first minute or so of the video to which you'll be connected.

Fortunately, though, we are able to offer up his January appearance with Brad Paisley, during which he declared that "I'm Still a Guy" -- a relief to know considering how he looked in the New England Patriots massacre.

As for the Fallon appearance, Tebow joked about working on his throwing motion -- something that's not particularly funny to Broncos fans at this point -- before grabbing onto a T-shirt cannon to shoot an autographed top into the upper deck of the auditorium where Fallon records his program. No brawl can be seen breaking out in order to grab this souvenir. Does that mean Tebow-mania is ebbing?

Below, see last night's appearance, the Tebowie gag and the Tebow-Paisley (sort of) duet.

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