Video: Watch Seattle TV Station Eat Sh*t After Mistaking Gary Payton for Peyton Manning

On Sunday, the Broncos' Peyton Manning set the all-time NFL record for most touchdown passes in a career -- news so big that even TV stations like KOMO in Seattle, whose Seahawks clobbered the Broncos in the Super Bowl earlier this year, had to cover it. Problem is, KOMO swapped out a Payton for a Peyton -- after which the station had to spend a hilariously humiliating ninety seconds or so eating shit over the mistake. Get details and see the video below.

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For those of you who love football but don't follow pro basketball, Gary Payton was an excellent and fierce NBA point guard who spent the majority of his career playing with the Seattle Supersonics -- many of them under future Nuggets coach George Karl -- before winding down his career with stops in Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Boston and Miami. He retired in 2007, but someone at KOMO apparently still thinks of him as the primary Payton/Peyton -- because he or she put up his face on a graphic accompanying a report about Manning's record-setting performance.

Payton himself was amused by the gaffe. Here's a tweet....

....that included a link to this Instagram image:

A photo posted by @garypayton_20 on

Of course KOMO had to acknowledge the screw-up. But the way the station did so yesterday was highly unusual, with a member of the on-air staff essentially apologizing at length to a life-size cardboard stand-up of the right Peyton. The curio belongs to the outlet's news director, who loves Manning despite living in Seattle.

That's something of a victory in and of itself. Here's a look at the amusingly awkward KOMO apology.

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