Videos: Brittney Griner to star in one of most powerful Women's Final Fours ever

Denver lucked out when it was named host city for the 2012 Women's NCAA Basketball Final Four. While the men's tourney looks to be a walkover (can anyone stop Kentucky?), the women's competition is absolutely killer, with four number one seeds -- Baylor, Stanford, Connecticut and Notre Dame -- all capable of winning. Better yet, they're real teams, as opposed to collections of one-and-done freshmen marking time before leaping to the NBA. But there is a star attraction: Baylor's Brittney Griner, seen here.

Griner, who stands a towering six-feet-eight, is renowned for her dunks, which are rare in the women's game -- and she's already notched two slams in the tournament to date. But what's most impressive about her game is her fierceness, particularly on the defensive end of the court. She's capable of intimidating even the best competitors by her mere presence.

Connecticut and Stanford have the advantage of experience: Their Denver appearances will mark their fifth consecutive Final Four. And Notre Dame is a scrappy crew. But Baylor's got Griner, and that means a lot.

Below, see a series of videos to whet your appetite for the contests, which take place at the Pepsi Center on April 1 and April 3 -- an ESPN scene setter, clips of previous Griner dunks, the Notre Dame senior video, an introduction to Connecticut's lineup and the aftermath of Stanford's victory over Duke, which earned them a ticket to the Big Dance. And click here for a roster of Final Four activities beginning March 30.

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