Videos: CU Boulder does St. Patrick's Day Project X style

How did CU Boulder students deal with the disappointment of the Buffs' loss in the NCAA men's basketball tourney Saturday night? Hundreds, if not thousands, of them drowned their sorrows, and lifted their spirits, at a rager of a St. Patrick's Day party at the Varsity Townhouse apartment complex -- one that had attendees repeatedly invoking the name of the movie Project X.

CU's administration certainly expected partying on a grand scale, especially given the convergence of St. Patrick's Day, March Madness and a Saturday night. Hence, the administration sent be-safe e-mails to students that wound up being quoted on an entry from CU's meme page.

The Boulder Daily Camera estimates the size of the throng at a "thousand-plus." But according to attendees with whom I've spoken (they'll remain nameless), that description doesn't do justice to the actual mass of humanity drawn to the throwdown. They tell me students (most from CU, but plenty of visitors from other area colleges as well) came and went in packs throughout the day, with the sidewalk leading to the complex seeming like a jam-packed interstate highway for hours. Their best guess: 5,000 people spent at least some time at the bash.

The Boulder Police obviously knew what was happening. At one point, a party-goer tells me, a cop drove past and waved at teens and twenty-somethings streaming into the joint by way of letting everyone know the department was monitoring the situation. And finally, after midnight, they shut down the bacchanal -- part of a day that reportedly ended with 31 citations to folks on University Hill and 23 for individuals on the Pearl Street Mall.

Before then, the Varsity Townhouse crowd was treated to a laser light show and the sort of booming dubstep that turned the gathering into the equivalent of a Skrillex concert. Get a taste of the madness from the videos on view below.

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