Videos: Last year's epic Ram's Pointe CSU back-to-school party "terminated"

Last year, a back-to-school mega-party at the Ram's Pointe apartment complex in Fort Collins attracted thousands and led to ten hospitalizations, the arrests of two CSU football players and loads o' YouTube videos like the ones on view below.

So...are you stoked for an even bigger and badder bash this year? Tough luck.

As we reported last year, the bacchanal was named "Spotlight Party of the Day" by the Barstool Sports website, with a commenter declaring, "That was the GREATEST PARTY EVER! Shit got real crazy, real fast!" A clip also turns up on the community page of Comedy Central's Tosh.0. A post there stated, "Most epic party I've ever been to! My friend took this video, but it hardly does it justice!"

But authorities in Fort Collins weren't amused, releasing 911 calls to highlight the cost to the city in terms of emergency services and more. In the end, the apartment complex was handed a municipal citation.

No wonder that this year, Ram's Pointe representatives tell the Fort Collins Coloradoan that the annual event has been "terminated," as have references to it on the complex's website. A Facebook page devoted to the party was also pulled down, and a post on the Ram's Pointe Facebook address related to August 2012 events features wholesome shots of students moving in and doing crafts.

Clearly, Ram's Pointe wants the party to be over -- but at least revelers have their memories. Check out some examples of last year's craziness below.

Continue for more videos of Ram's Pointe 2011.

Continue for more videos of Ram's Pointe 2011.

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