Videos: See Jenny Kush hosting SexPot Radio before her tragic death

This week's feature article about the life and death of cannabis activist Jenny Kush tells the story of a woman who connected with hundreds thousands of people in part through a no-holds-barred weekly radio show covering two of her favorite topics: sex and marijuana.

Kush may have been taken away from the world too early, but due to the wonders of technology, she's left us with a legacy of recorded radio programs on the site. See examples below.

As you'd guess from the title of her radio show, Kush was known for letting it all hang out on the air. No topic was taboo, and, yes, the show focused as much on sex as it did cannabis (at times more so).

But it was also a forum for whatever was on the mind of Jenny Kush (and anyone else who sat in on her program). It was often a snapshot, week-by-week of current events in the marijuana world, with a sizable helping of dabbing and ganja smoke to go around.

"SexPot really encompassed Jenny's view on life," Georgia Edson, a friend of Kush's, told us. "You shouldn't be nervous or embarrassed to talk about being a human being. In fact, there are ways to be a human being that make you happier and more satisfied in all aspects of your life. Sex happens to be one of them. It makes for great radio to talk about crazy things, but Jenny did it in a way that also educated people. It wasn't just a show about sex. It wasn't a show to shock people. It was a show to entertain and educate.

Below, check out the earliest recorded SexPot Radio from March 27, 2012, co-starring original co-host Hemptress December, as well as the last available SexPot Radio show recording, from August 13, 2013. For (nearly) everything in between, check out the archive over at

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