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Videos: Which Colorado College That's Not CU Boulder Made Playboy's Top Party Schools List?

For years, CU Boulder was a perennial on party-school lists -- and for years, administrators bitched about it. When it comes to Playboy's just-announced top-party-school roster for 2014, however, it's a headache (or a point of pride) for another Colorado college -- one that's richly deserving but doesn't usually score nearly so high. Find out which one made the grade by checking out the top ten, featuring videos from each school and excerpts from Playboy blurbs. To read the original post, click here.

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Number 1: University of Pennsylvania

Smarties can party too, and UPenn puts other Ivies to shame with its union of brains, brewskies and bros. Boasting a notorious underground frat scene that school officials have deemed a nuisance, these renegades pony up thousands of dollars' worth of liquor for their parties -- and competition among the houses means a balls-out war of debauchery....

Number 2: University of Wisconsin

At the axis of beer, cheese and snow sits Madison, where nightlife options are limited only by your ability to drink away the freeze. There's a tailgating scene that puts Texas to shame, along with scores of bars near State Street, dozens of house and frat parties and a worthy roster of drunchies....

Continue to check out the rest of the top ten Playboy party schools for 2014. Number 3: West Virginia University

Most schools celebrate football victories by drinking. Mountaineers do it by drinking and burning couches. WVU has a reputation for raging at the highest level. Morgantown has perfected a balance of Greek, bar and house-party scenes, and West Virginia's irrational love of football is the catalyst for chaos....

Number 4: University of Arizona

Zona students are experts in that wonderful combination of hydration, inebriation and sartorial minimalism otherwise known as the pool party. The king of them all is the annual Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jungle Party, which features a 65,000-gallon pool, a faux waterfall and a massive tree house....

Continue to check out the rest of the top ten Playboy party schools for 2014. Number 5: University of Iowa

Hawkeyes' commitment to partying is evident in their willingness to brave inhumane circumstances: shatteringly cold winters, then sweltering humidity come warm weather. Iowa City's nightlife scene remains a balmy constant, though, with most bars and clubs allowing entry to students over the age of 19....

Number 6: University of California Santa Cruz

Long before other states adopted a lenient attitude toward THC, UC Santa Cruz was a premier nature-loving pothead's paradise. You're deep in the redwoods and within biking distance of the Pacific Ocean, and the campus is an idyllic place to smoke the day or night away....

Continue to check out the rest of the top ten Playboy party schools for 2014. Number 7: University of Miami

With Magic City in its backyard, the University of Miami has more bikinis, EDM and free-flowing tequila than Cabo during spring break. The coastal campus provides ready access to Ultra Music Festival and Miami Music Week, which makes all-night raving and pool parties just another part of the curriculum....

Number 8: Colorado State University

The many bars that line College Avenue in Fort Collins's Old Town offer the standard raucous diversions, but Fort Fun's legendary house parties are where CSU really distinguishes itself. These fests can encompass whole blocks, and more than a few have blown up into SWAT-required riots....

Continue to check out the rest of the top ten Playboy party schools for 2014. Number 9: University of Texas

As if Longhorns didn't already have practically everything they need on their sprawling, well-situated campus, the city of Austin also hosts about five music festivals per capita every year. If SXSW party crashing or open-air revelry at Austin City Limits in Zilker Park won't do, Sixth Street is a standby for sousing....

Number 10: Syracuse

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Syracuse kids bleed orange as much as they bleed booze and are shameless in their exploits. Sex in the library? Recommended. Braving the hedonism of MayFest, the annual spring marathon of music and drinking? Advisable. Zedd, 2 Chainz and Kesha have performed here....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.