Looks like Von Miller already has already picked his homecoming outfit.
Looks like Von Miller already has already picked his homecoming outfit.

Here's How Von Miller Can Be Your Date for Homecoming

Denver Broncos superstar Von Miller would like to take you to homecoming. And your friends can come along.

As part of the NFL 100 Experiences of a Lifetime promotion, created to celebrate the 100th season of the National Football League, Miller has agreed to chaperone one winner and seven pals to a homecoming dance at a Denver-area high school.

The date in question must be at least sixteen years of age and currently attend a high school in Denver, Jefferson, Douglas, Arapahoe or Adams county. And we're talking about homecoming this year: The Broncos' release about the contest notes that the rendezvous will take place "in the coming weeks."

The timing of the event is excellent, since it may help distract from what has the look of a doomed season for Denver right now. The team has started the season with two losses (to the hated Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football and via a heartbreaking and controversial home collapse against the Chicago Bears last Sunday), and while Von is hardly to blame, he didn't record a sack in either tilt.

But at least his fashion game is on point, as witnessed by the outfit above.

Hopefuls must submit a photo or video explaining why they should win to this page on DenverBroncos.com in order to enter. The visual will be judged by two criteria: "passion, enthusiasm and fandom for the Broncos and Von Miller" and "quality, uniqueness and creativity of submission."

One other thing: Your parents have to give their consent. But who could say no to Von Miller?

The contest runs through Tuesday, September 24, at 11:59 p.m. Click to read the Von Miller homecoming contest rules.

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