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Von Miller Explains Sacking Cam Newton Albert Einstein-style on SNL

Despite the Broncos' victory in Super Bowl 50, the reports about Peyton Manning that emerged in recent days — including coverage of a lawsuit that accuses him of pressing his testicles and rectum into a female doctor's face while in college — have been far less than super.

But the good times are still rolling for Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

Hot off his hilarious appearance alongside Ellen DeGeneres, during which he explained that his job is to "make sure the other guy has a horrible day," Miller popped up on Saturday Night Live alongside "Weekend Update" staple Michael Che for a little science lesson.

"On Thursday, scientists announced the detection of gravitational waves, whose existence was first proposed by Albert Einstein in 1916," Che noted. "Now, it's a pretty complicated idea, so here to explain it to us is Denver Broncos linebacker and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller."

After the audience roared its approval at Miller's appearance, Che said, "So Von, you studied science in college, right?"

"Yeah...I guess you could say I did," Miller responded.

"So explain this to us. Gravitational waves were discovered when two black holes collided with each other. Is that correct?"

"That's right," Miller said. "Let me put it like this. Picture two huge forces slamming together. Like, say, me and Cam Newton."

"Are you just talking about football, man?" Che wanted to know.

"No, I'm talking about science," Miller insisted. "Now, these forces collide and make gravity waves. Like when I collided with Cam Newton, forcing him to fumble."

"All right, it sounds like you're bragging," Che interjected. "Are you sure you're not bragging about this?"

Miller was adamant: "I told you this is science, man."


At that point, Miller continued. "Now these waves are everywhere in the universe — just like I'm everywhere when Cam Newton comes to town."

"Von!" Che exclaimed. "You already won, man."

"Look, this is a huge discovery," Miller stressed. "No one thought it would happen — just like no one thought we'd keep the number one offense to just ten points. Hey, but it happened — and it's amazing. The discovery proves Einstein's theory: ME = MVP."

Enjoy the clip below.

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