Warring iPhone app fartlords settle their differences out of court with new, anti-fart app

It's over -- and with nary a lawyer uttering this phrase: "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you Exhibit A, 'The Butt Socket!'"

The feud between the creators of two different iPhone fart apps -- Loveland-based InfoMedia, Inc.'s iFart Mobile and Florida-based Air-O-Matic, Inc.'s Pull My Finger -- over the rights to "pull my finger," that sacred phrase uttered by countless ten-year-old boys, has been settled out of court.

(Read the hilarious lawsuit, filed in Denver's U.S. District Court, here.)

The terms are unclear, and company representatives didn't immediately return phone calls seeking clarification. But the settlement apparently includes the creation of a new, anti-fart app called "Clear the Air" that affords users several pretend options to mask pretend odors, including opening a pretend window, turning on a pretend air conditioner and spraying pretend Febreze.

The app is free to iPhone and iPod Touch users -- so it's clearly not a ploy to make money. Is it just a cutesy way for warring digital fartlords to kiss and make up?

According to the press release, the companies decided to resolve their differences after a segment about their court battle aired on The Daily Show in July.

From the release:

It became clear that seeing this case all the way to court would not best serve iFart or Pull My Finger customers. (Joel) Comm (CEO of InfoMedia, Inc.) and Sam Magdalein (a principal at Air-O-Matic) decided to air out their differences to see if they could come to a peaceful resolution. The result is the release of "Clear the Air," a brand new iPhone application designed to promote freedom of flatulence while embracing the notion of getting along with each other.

Good for taxpayers, I suppose, whose money won't be spent paying a judge to listen to arguments about The Burrito Maximo and Jack the Ripper. Bad for Court TV, which was probably dying to air the trial live, and the millions of viewers who would have watched it.

Cheer up, viewers -- and watch this instead.

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