"Well-dressed thief" classes up Denver Police Department's wanted list

Has the Denver Police Department suddenly turned into wannabe judges on Project Runway? Probably not, despite putting out a clarion call for the public to be on the lookout for a "Well-Dressed Thief."

Unfortunately, the DPD doesn't go into more detail than that. So we don't know if the wallet-and-purse grabber in question, described as a forty-something man who's balding and wears a goatee, favors solid colors or bold prints, casual garb or formal wear. Clearly, the Heidi Klum in all of us needs more information.

Nonetheless, this guy apparently pays more attention to his appearance than the average scofflaw. Get more details below:

Well-Dressed Thief

The Denver Police Department would like the community to be aware of a thief preying on the elderly in the Denver metro area. This suspect targets elderly females in a grocery store, and steals her wallet from her or the complete purse. The suspect steals the wallet and immediately goes to an electronic or department stores and uses the credit cards to purchases high dollar items. The suspect struck as recently as yesterday at the Safeway store located at 5th and Corona Street. The suspect is very deceptive while committing the thefts. The suspect is described as a white male in his 40's, balding head, light goatee, and well dressed.

There was another case on February 19, 2010, where a female victim had her purse stolen from her grocery cart while shopping at a Cherry Creek grocery store. The suspect used the victim's credit cards at used at numerous local businesses. On February 21, 2010, the same type of incident happened at a King Scoopers store in south Denver the suspect stole a purse from the grocery cart and again used the credit card at local businesses.

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