Wes Specht: Sex assault bust for "Wild Man" Alameda High coach, 3 staffers put on leave

Update below: At least six teachers and coaches were busted on sexually related charges in these parts last year, and 2011's already brought the story of Courtney Bowles, found naked on top of a student in a car. But the arrest of Alameda High basketball coach Wes Specht on similar allegations is still shocking -- because it appears his coital relationship with a student was an open secret.

That's the implication from reports that three Jefferson County School District employees have also been put on administrative leave in relation to the case, allegedly because they had knowledge of Specht's illicit boink-festing and didn't do anything about it.

Could Specht have been given what appears to be a crazy amount of latitude because he was something of a celebrity, albeit on a pretty small time level? After all, he was a member of the Colorado Kings, a team in the American Basketball Association, where he earned the nickname "Wild Man." The team, which has suspended Specht, raced to pull down his profile from its website, but a Google cache leads us to the page in question, featuring a video of young female fan going apeshit after getting Specht's autograph:

Also included: A photo of Specht in uniform, with a big Jesus tattoo on his upper arm:

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by 9News, Specht's actions weren't especially holy in regard to the aforementioned student, with whom he's said to have gotten nasty at a public park, in addition to his house and that of his parents.

The affidavit traces the investigation that led to Specht's arrest on charges of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, a pattern-of-behavior count, and child sexual exploitation to a remark made by the school secretary to Alameda's principal. The gist: How does this creep still have a job when the student he's nailing isn't exactly keeping their horizontal activities a secret?

As a contract employee, and with basketball season over, Specht isn't currently an employee of the school district, and he's unlikely to become one in the future given his past rap sheet; 9News notes that he has prior arrests for felony theft and driving while impaired.

Wild Man, indeed.

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Update, 8:54 a.m.: Was Specht even wilder than previously thought? Twice as wild, according to the Lakewood Police Department, which is handling his case. In investigating Specht's dalliances with a student, LPD personnel have learned that he was allegedly shtupping another Alameda High student beginning in late 2010 and continuing into this year.

This info will be presented to the district attorney's office, presumably to add more charges to Specht's already hefty collection. And given his prolific nature, as it were, there's no guarantee more students won't come forward to tell stories of ballin' that have nothing to do with on-the-court action.

Look below to see a larger version of Specht's mug shot and a 9News report:

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