Westboro Baptist Church adds the flag to its list of things God hates

Chalk up another one on the list of random things the Westboro Baptist Church hates: Flags.

In honor of Flag Day, the WBC issued a (probably unintentionally) hilarious press release -- which came a day late, because evidently it takes a little while to write a song about how "They'll face the wrath of God for sure/Cuz they worshipped a filthy flag."

Here's a choice excerpt from the press release (rendered in the original in a super-boldface font):

Your impotent blood-soaked feces-stained semen-slathered fag flag is an idol. Don't turn up your nose; that's your conduct that put it in that condition. Lad Liberty is a mean hypocritical whore, who only lets in fags and drug-thugs nowadays.

Shocked? Don't be. After all, the WBC has turned phrases like "God Hates Fags" into mantras, made a habit of protesting at the funerals of soldiers killed in combat, and seems to exist solely for the purpose of generating publicity for itself (we know, we're playing right into its hands).

What's funny, though, is how directionless God's hate seems to be, at least according to the WBC. A short list of things God allegedly hates:

1. Nebraska 2. Lady Gaga 3. Israel 4. Gerald Ford 5. Sweden

And, of course, flags. Here's part of the WBC's anti-Flag Day song:

You're a filthy flag; you're a red, bloody flag And the perverts they love you to wave You're the emblem of the fags they love The home of the warped and depraved

Note the adorable rhyme scheme. Really, the WBC hates so much stuff it's hard to take the organization seriously--it's more a parody of a hate group than an actual hate group. If it weren't for the multiple allegations that Fred Phelps seriously abuses his children -- who, along with his grandchildren, make up basically the entirety of the WBC -- you could almost take it as a joke. A really creepy joke.

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Jef Otte
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