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Reader: Saying Trump's First Year Was Great Is a Right-Wing Alternative Fact

Reader: Saying Trump's First Year Was Great Is a Right-Wing Alternative Fact
Brandon Marshall
Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Barlock made his case to our Michael Roberts last week: Trump's first year has been full of greatness, he argued, and will make him one of the country's greatest presidents. Barlock cited such accomplishments as nominating Denver native Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and passing the tax-overhaul bill.

Barlock's statement is the exact opposite of what a University of Colorado historian told us not too long ago (find that story below). But everyone has their opinions. Here are some of yours:

Says Scott:
To say that Trump's first year as president was great is a right wing "alternative fact" AKA a lie.
Argues Kevin:
Trump derangement syndrome is strong in Colorado. "Boulder, 5 square miles surrounded by reality" used to be a way all Coloradans laughed at idiocy. Now the entire state is Boulder.
Explains Catherine:
Run, do not walk, away from Steve Barlock. His judgement about the first year of Trump’s presidency is an indication of what kind of leader he will be.
Notes Cindy:
I beg to differ too. What a tool. #TRUMP2020. Thank you for making my choice for governor easier too. You have my vote.
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