Reader: Bougie People Can't Golf at City Park, Such a Tragedy

Brandon Marshall
City Park Golf Course has closed for two years, to accommodate a stormwater detention area that the city says will mitigate heavy rainfall from surrounding neighborhoods into the South Platte River. Part of the project entails cutting down 260 trees, which protesters were none too happy about at a vigil they held this week for the trees. Readers have their own opinions about the trees and the project as a whole. Says Carolyn:

You know they probably have no intention of ever opening that golf course again. After this retention is done, they're going to sell it off to the highest bidder to build high-rises. You know that, don't you?
Argues Andrea:
Good, I hope this prevents flooding and makes the I-70 stuff go faster. Bougie people can't golf anymore, it's such a tragedy. Maybe the gentrification in the area will finally slow down.
Notes Sam:
I look forward to the course being improved when it reopens in two years. It's been badly in need of a refreshment since I was playing high school golf there in the '90s.
Concludes Leslie:
Oh geez - it's back in two years.
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