What All 50 States (Including Colorado) Have the Most Of

Estately, the website that once named its top ten cities for douchebags — two Colorado communities made the cut — cast a wider net with another list.

The goal: to figure out what each state has the most of.

Scientific it's not. Funny it is — and you'll see by checking out the items selected for each of the fifty states, including Colorado.

Check out the photo-illustrated roster below — and to get the Estately explanations for each choice, click here.

ALABAMA: Racist tweets

ALASKA: Veterans

ARIZONA: U.F.O. sightings

ARKANSAS: Hate groups

CALIFORNIA: People who brag on social media

CONNECTICUT: Breast cancer

DELAWARE: Registered sex offenders

FLORIDA: Shark attacks

GEORGIA: Panda bears

HAWAII: People who identify as LGBT

IDAHO: Minimum wage workers

ILLINOIS: People who tip

INDIANA: Apathetic voters

IOWA: Lost chickens

KANSAS: Pornography pageviews

KENTUCKY: Smokers/cancer

LOUISIANA: People in prison

MAINE: Boating accidents

MARYLAND: Millionaires/Democrats


MICHIGAN: Engineers


MISSISSIPPI: Conservatives

MISSOURI: Meth lab incidents

MONTANA: Poorly paid first-year teachers

NEBRASKA: High school graduates

NEVADA: Facebook users

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Student loan debt

NEW JERSEY: People who don’t get divorced

NEW MEXICO: Mental illness

NEW YORK: Lawyers


NORTH DAKOTA: Farms/bars/golf courses

OHIO: Potty mouths

OKLAHOMA: Executions

OREGON: Selling cigarettes to children

PENNSYLVANIA: Listening to holiday music

RHODE ISLAND: Illicit drug use


SOUTH DAKOTA: Concealed carry permits

TENNESSEE: Megachurches

TEXAS: Pet tigers

UTAH: Regular church attendees

VERMONT: Craft beer production

VIRGINIA: Private-sector jobs funded by the government

WASHINGTON: Property crime

WEST VIRGINIA: Deer-vehicle collisions

WISCONSIN: Whooping cough

WYOMING: People who chew tobacco

COLORADO: Unvaccinated children

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