What You Need to Know About Homelessness in Denver Right Now

Between our proximity to the mountains, low unemployment rate and do-whatever-you-want attitude, it's easy to see why so many people are moving to Denver. But someone has to pay the price for all of our growth.

Continue reading for ten recent Westword stories covering issues related to the homeless, from encampment sweeps to troubles on the 16th Street Mall. 

1. Homeless Sweeps Now Targeting Denver’s Most Hidden Encampments
“'Pipe Town' was not easy to find." Continue reading.

2. Denver Can Sweep the Homeless – but It Can't Sweep Away the Evidence
"Early on the morning of July 13, police officers arrived en masse at Confluence Park, as expected — only..." Continue reading.

3. Homeless Sweeps: Camping Ban Enforcement Still Up, DPD Data Shows
"The latest data obtained by Westword from the Denver Police Department shows that enforcement of Denver’s unauthorized camping ordinance..." Continue reading. 

4. Fort Lyon Helps Homeless Addicts — and an Ailing Rural Economy
"The van leaves the Stout Street Health Center in downtown Denver on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Others climb aboard in..." Continue reading.

5. Homeless Move Forward With Class Action Suit Against Denver Over Sweeps
"Last week, we reported that a local lawyer was preparing a class action lawsuit against the City of Denver for..." Continue reading.

6. Homeless Sweeps: Lawyer Prepares Class Action Suit Against Denver
"Ever since the March 8 and 9 sweeps of homeless encampments near the Denver Rescue Mission, the city has engaged in..." Continue reading.

7. 16th Street Mall: Are Homelessness, Drugs, Crime on Mall Costing Denver?
"The topic of violence on the 16th Street Mall isn't going away. At least not yet." Continue reading.

8. Homeless Sweeps: Large Police Crackdown on Individuals Along Platte River
"Encampments near the site of the Denargo Market, along Arkins Court between Denargo and 31st streets, have been..." Continue reading.

9. ACLU Sends Hancock Scathing Letter on Misuse of Donations for Homeless Sweeps
"Just over a week ago, Denver officials admitted that they used tens of thousands of dollars from a donation fund..." Continue reading.

10. Items Taken During Homeless Sweeps and Kept at Facility Have Been Destroyed
"In the weeks following the controversial March 8 and 9 street sweeps that dismantled homeless encampments along Park Avenue West, Westword learned ..." Continue reading.
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