William Head busted for prostitution with knowledge of AIDS

An alleged prostitute named William Head? It's true -- and Head's arrest affidavit, on view below in its entirety, makes his surname seem wholly appropriate.

But the Denver District Attorney's Office maintains that the offense of which Head has been accused can't be classified as a victimless crime.

That's because Head is said to have AIDS, and presumably understood that he was putting his clients at risk of a very unhappy ending. Details below.

The charge of prostitution with knowledge of AIDS is rare but hardly unknown. The most notorious cases of the crime locally involve Darren Garcia, who identifies as a woman and is HIV positive.

As of January 2012, Garcia had eight arrests for prostitution, including two for prostitution with knowledge of AIDS. She was twice convicted of the latter -- once in 2007, a second time after a 2009 incident. Yet she was swept up in a prostitution sting operation early last year and hit with the same accusation.

In the case of Head, his ongoing troubles with the law can be traced back to July 31, when Denver police received a complaint about a man conducting massages that were thought to have edged into prostitution -- and the investigating officer heard unconfirmed reports that Head "possibly had the HIV virus and had transmitted that virus to another male."

The officer soon found advertisements for Head's services under the name Bear Body Works on a couple of websites, including backpage.com. (The site was previously associated with Westword via the paper's parent company, but all connections between this publication and backpage.com have been severed.)

On August 7, a detective phoned Head, who identified himself as "Tor," and made an appointment for later that evening. Upon his arrival, the undercover cop confirmed the price for the massage -- $60 -- and asked about "extras." Head reportedly said he also performed erotic massages, including a prostate massage, plus hand jobs and blow jobs. Moreover, he noted that these services were covered by the $60 fee.

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At that point, Head was arrested, and during a subsequent interview, he told officers he'd tested positive for HIV in October 2010 and was told at that time he had AIDS -- a diagnosis confirmed by a second test shortly thereafter. He's been treated for the ailment at a local VA hospital since then but has continued to do massages, as he's done since 2007.

In addition to one count of prostitution with knowledge of AIDS, Head has also been charged with massage parlor unlawful acts, a misdemeanor. Look below to see a larger version of his booking photo, followed by the aforementioned affidavit.

William Head Arrest Affidavit

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