Woof in Boots grand opening proves there's life after MMJ for Vincent Palozzotto

Last month, Vincent Palazzotto announced the shutdown of the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program, a nonprofit devoted to the rights of MMJ patients. But he's landed on his own two feet -- which is two fewer than the number boasted by most of his future clients. Tonight marks the grand opening of Woof in Boots, which he describes as a "premier doggy daycare and art gallery."

An odd combination? Not at all, believes Palazzotto. After all, the business is located at 719 West Eighth Avenue in the Santa Fe arts district. With that in mind, Palazzotto is showcasing the pet-friendly work of seven artists -- a number he expects to grow to ten or twelve over time. And the scheduling of Woof in Boots' grand opening on First Friday, a night when art lovers throughout the metro area flock to Santa Fe, is hardly coincidental.

The event, which runs from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., is a fundraiser for MaxFund, and in addition to First Friday staples like wine and cheese, the fare will include food provided by Sexy Pizza (a business known for its support of the medical marijuana industry) and beer from Breckenridge Brewery. Woof in Boots is also offering one day of free doggy daycare or 50 percent off grooming to anyone who adopts a dog from MaxFund in 2012, with those who've already done so also eligible.

As for the business plan, Palazzotto and his staff are supplementing doggy daycare with a concierge service featuring a route through downtown Denver. To entice new customers, he notes that "for anyone who signs up in the first two months, and their dogs have records that they've had all their shots, we'll waive the delivery and pickup fee for life," with drop-offs of all-natural and/or organic food included in the deal. To opt in, click here.

In addition, Palazzotto says, "We've developed relationships with the Hotel Teatro, the Hotel Monaco, JW Marriott and all the higher-end hotels that allow pets," with the idea of becoming the go-to place for tourists and travelers who haven't left their pooches behind.

Woof in Boots is a for-profit enterprise, but Palazzotto aims to exercise his philanthropic jones with monthly fundraisers for assorted animal causes. One plan calls for Woof in Boots and Sexy Pizza to combine forces again for an upcoming charity block party.

Here's a link to more details about tonight's get-together.

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