World Naked Bike Ride Takes Off in Denver

It’s time to take off your clothes and get on your bike. Yeah, that’s right, Denver’s second ever World Naked Bike Day ride through downtown, takes place this Saturday.

Perhaps you didn’t hear about last year’s ride?

Well, you can check out our “coverage” of it here. And we plan to be there again this year when the ride kicks off Saturday night, July 12, at 9 p.m. at Benedict Fountain Park at the corner of 20th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street.

Organizers expect 150 people, along with spectators and volunteers with CopWatch, who will likely be on hand to make sure the police don’t get out of hand. Last year, the police did take special notice, and handed out citations.

What is the point of World Naked Bike Day?

Less gas, more ass, of course. Or, more specifically, the event, also known as World Naked Bike Ride, is held in seventy cities in twenty countries to encourage people to use their bikes, especially now that gas prices are so high and the world is so dependent on oil.

For more info on Denver’s version, click here or here.

And make sure to wear a helmet. -- Jonathan Shikes

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