World's sexiest mug shot (of sex offender Dustin Winesberry) officially a mistake -- that we love!

Yesterday, we shared a mug shot in which registered sex offender Dustin Winesberry poses like that velvet-voiced guy in Old Spice commercials.

At the time, Bruce Haas, administrative commander for the Boulder County Sheriff's Office's jail division, said he, too, was surprised by the snap and said he planned to check into why it was so much different from the typical look-straight-ahead-and-keep-your-arms-at-your-side shot.

Today, Haas and Boulder County Jail Division Chief Larry Hank describe the photo as something between an oversight and a momentary lapse in judgment -- one that won't be repeated, unfortunately. Here's how it went down.

According to Haas, he first "had another photo taken of that person, so we would have something on file. That way, the other photo could be deleted from the system. Because those things can be asked for at a later date, and we wanted to have a more appropriate photo available."

More appropriate, but considerably less memorable, as you can see.

In addition, the deputy who took the photo was contacted and asked how the first photo wound up being saved. As related by Hank, the deputy said Winesberry began "clowning around" when he got in front of the camera. Although the deputy took a photo anyhow, he planned to put a "hold" on the shot -- meaning that he would delete the first one and arrange for Winesberry to be photographed again, probably just prior to the point at which he'd be set free. As Hank notes, "Sometimes they're uncooperative when they come in, but they're more cooperative when they find out that's all that's standing between them and being released." However, it was very busy at the time, and he simply forgot.

The deputy didn't receive a formal reprimand that would appear in his permanent file. Instead, Hank says, "We explained to him why that was inappropriate, because of the multiple uses we need pictures for. He acknowledged that and said it wouldn't happen again."

Damn it.

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