Yaron Segal, MIT researcher, commits suicide in custody after bust for soliciting sex with children

Israeli-born Yaron Segal was a Yale-educated researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology doing highly technical work in the area of solar cells. But his final chapter deals not with the development of clean energy but a lonely death at the end of a homemade noose. He killed himself after his arrest in March for soliciting sex with children.

According to an arrest affidavit referenced by the U.K. Daily Mail, Segal was targeted by an undercover agent due to his proclivity for frequenting chat rooms featuring terms such as "childslavesex" and "ChildRapeTortureBrutality."

The agent in question posed as a mother of two girls, ages twelve and sixteen, and in e-mail exchanges, Segal allegedly expressed a desire to have sex with all three, and said he would travel to Colorado in order to consummate the acts. Before long, the communication, which included at least one phone call, became more explicit. For example, Segal is said to have sent the agent a link to an online sex toy business and told her he wanted to use a dildo on the youngest girl. He later e-mailed a photo of some vibrators he'd purchased for use in the encounter, noting, "Those are some big cocks."

In the end, these devices weren't put to use for the purposes he apparently anticipated. On March 28, he flew to Grand Junction, where he was promptly taken into custody by Homeland Security.

If this scenario sounds familiar, it should. Just a month earlier, on February 25, Brazilian national Paulo dos Santos Silva was arrested at the Grand Junction airport after arranging with an undercover officer to have sex with her two fictional kids, ages four and fourteen.

The Associated Press notes that Segal was ordered held without bond during a hearing on April 3. Three days later, while in his cell at the Federal Correctional Institution Englewood, in a separate facility from the minimum-security prison where disgraced Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is currently a resident, he fashioned a noose and hanged himself.

His death is currently under investigation.

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