A new day dawning for Solar Vegetarian Cafe

Karma Cafe, which was once sandwiched between Vita and Lola in the 1500 block of Boulder street, has been reincarnated -- but with a new name, Solar Vegetarian Café, and in a new neighborhood: Five Points, at 2615 Welton Street.

But Karma's conscience remains unchanged, and from 11 a.m.- 11 p.m. Saturday, September 27, the officially unopened Solar Vegetarian Cafe will host “Local Motive,” a twelve-hour, family-friendly, food and media justice festival. Admission is free, for details, look here.

At that same site, you'll find updates on Solar's progress. At the moment, the owners are looking to actually open in January. In the meantime, here's what they have to say: "It's interesting. tho, in our journey to SOLAR we have some of the most compelling and most profoundly simple epiphanies about life, plants, money and people's perceptions of all of the above. with all of the political banter and debate about who is and is not… the constant thing that remains is… clean food is good. clean food is good. yes I said it twice on purpose and thrice even…CLEAN FOOD IS GOOD."

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