Ask the Bartender: One last round of Colorado Cocktail Contest entries

Sean Kenyon knows how to pour out both drinks and advice. A third-generation bar man with almost 25 years behind the bar, he is a student of cocktail history, a United States Bartenders Guild-certified Spirits Professional and a BAR Ready graduate of the prestigious Beverage Alcohol Resource Program. You can find him behind the bar at Squeaky Bean -- and here every week, where he'll answer your questions. But right now, he's taking about the Colorado Cocktail Contest.

I love my bartending friends. They are loyal, gregarious, dynamic and fun to hang out with (great fun at parties...). But, they are definitely not good with deadlines. Within two days of last Friday's deadline for Colorado Cocktail Contest submissions, I had received at least ten calls and/or e-mails from some of our state's greatest mixological (I don't care if that's a word, I'm using it) minds asking if they could still send in a recipe. Well, yes.

Of course, we want them involved. We want everyone possible to be involved. So we're extending the deadline one last time: to midnight Monday, April 4. And note: You DO NOT have to be a member of the Colorado Bartenders Guild to enter. But you do have to be willing to pour the drink at the bar where you work.

Here are the rules:

* The base spirit (at least half of the spirit in the cocktail) must be a Colorado spirit -- one produced by a Colorado distiller.

* There's a seven-ingredient maximum, including garnish

* All ingredients must be commercially available (your homemade JuJu Double Mocha Bitters, for example, would be difficult to reproduce in someone's home or in another bar)

* So that the judges (and the public) can sample all entries, the cocktails must be available at the bartender's establishment, preferably on a menu, from April 11 through June 10.

* Submission deadline is midnight Monday, April 4

To enter, cut and paste the form below into the body of an e-mail and send it to Bartender@westword.com.

Your name:

The establishment where you work:

Your drink's name (if it doesn't have one, we'll help name it!):

Your drink's ingredients:

Your drink's preparation:

Price of your drink at the bar:

In fifty words (or less) tell us how your cocktail captures Colorado:


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