Attention, boobs and booze fans: Twin Peaks Restaurant is now open

November has been a busy month for restaurant openings, with some highly anticipated spots -- including Coohills, Williams & Graham and Ambria -- now serving.

And then there's this: Twin Peaks has thrown open its doors in Lakewood.

The lodge-themed restaurant features a menu of sports-bar fare -- think wings and mozzarella sticks -- plus entrees including meatloaf, pot roast and steak. The board pairs with a list of beers and constant sports on TV, which should make the place a magnet for dudes. Especially because there are also the scantily clad Twin Peaks girls, who deliver food and drinks in lumberjack-themed get-ups that show off their, um, assets.

If that sounds familiar, it's no fluke -- breast-themed Hooters has actually sued Twin Peaks over use of "trade secrets." Because, obviously, Hooters was the first company ever to realize that men like boobs and beer together in one place. But Twin Peaks maintains that its mountain-lodge theme and dress make the chain different from Hooters -- and so far, it's prevailed.

The Texas-based Twin Peaks company now has seventeen locations in six states. The Lakewood restaurant, the only one in this state, is serving dinner daily and plans to add lunch before December.

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