Ay Caramba! Closes in Cherry Creek North

When restaurateur Alex Gurevich opened Ay Caramba! in Cherry Creek North in early 2013, it was a bit of surprise, considering that most of Denver's tortas joints are of the hole-in-the-wall variety in lower-rent neighborhoods. There was much speculation as to whether Creekers would even know what a torta was, much less get on board with a refined version of Mexican street food. And now we might have the answer: The restaurant's website is down and the phone goes unanswered during posted hours. Whether due to a lack of interest in south-of-the-border sandwiches or just a general dearth of customers in Cherry Creek, Ay Caramba! has closed.

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When Gretchen Kurtz reviewed Ay Caramba! last year, she mentioned that the address had previously been occupied by Bisque, and that the tortas restaurant was opened "almost on a whim," rather than selling the space.

Ethnic diversity isn't exactly the hallmark of Cherry Creek North, so in the end, the eatery's closing is far less surprising than its opening.

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