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Bacon Is Coming: The Five Most Basic Breakfast Restaurant Names in Denver

A new breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant is coming to Sunnyside this month; Bacon Social House announced on its Facebook page that it will open on November 20 in the new Cobbler's Corner project. But the name itself got us thinking about the basic, single-word monikers of the city's favorite breakfast and brunch joints. In the world of the morning meal, it’s clear that names don’t determine staying power — just name the eatery after something you eat for breakfast and you're good. But if the names are painfully obvious, the food at some of Denver's top spots is anything but, attracting long lines of fans even on weekdays. In honor of Bacon (the new kid, not the breakfast meat), let’s take a look at some of the dullest restaurant names. Because what’s in a name, really? Not much — although we'd steer clear of any place named Sausage.
5) Toast
2700 West Bowles Avenue, Littleton
Toast may be one of the world's most yawn-inducing breakfast foods, but this Littleton eatery is no less tasty a destination for being named in honor of burnt bread, or for being outside the loop of hipster breakfast destinations. With delicacies like chai French toast and a set of pancake flights (Oreo, please) for the sweet fans, Toast also boasts a long list of Bennies to satisfy the savory folks. But for those who like things simple, the kitchen also offers a “basic breakfast” plate to go with its basic name.
4) Jelly
600 East 13th Avenue
Operating under an old-school diner vibe, Jelly is another one of Denver’s most popular breakfast spots — with waits that sometimes clock in at more than an hour. Far from basic, the signature mix-and-match doughnut holes are paired with house-made preserves to match the namesake marquee. Jelly's fans certainly think the doughnuts are worth the wait — and they definitely know the difference between Jelly and jam.
3) Syrup
999 18th Street #105
Syrup isn't the most boring of breakfast condiments, at least not at this breakfast joint, where the menu lets you dress up your pancakes in – you guessed it — a variety of flavored syrups. From unique sweet treats like Kahlua cream to your basic fruity mixtures, the joint may be kitschy, but if you’re a maple syrup fan, it’s also heaven — and it's definitely no Log Cabin.

2) Snooze
2262 Larimer Street and other locations
Snooze isn't something you eat for breakfast, it's something you do instead of getting up for breakfast. But thousands of fans know to leap out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button: This is one of the Mile High City's most beloved restaurant chains and getting to one of its seven Front Range locations early is key to snagging a table. Snooze’s pancake flights have become a iconic a.m. craving and with aggressive expansion beyond state borders, Snooze is well on its way to becoming a national name in morning delights. Soon all of America will associate this snooze of a word with an early breakfast instead of sleeping late.

1) Bacon Social House
2434 West 44th Avenue
Like many of its morning companions, Bacon has a longer name, but it's two weeks away from opening and brunchers in the know are already dropping "Social House" from the conversation. While it’s hard to deny bacon’s irresistibility, naming a restaurant after everyone’s favorite cut of pork is a little basic. But chef Brian Crow has already made a name for himself in town with a stint at Devil's Food Bakery & Cookery (another of our favorites), so we’re pretty excited to see what meat-centric dishes and morning magic he can cook up.
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