Best of Denver 2018 Readers' Poll Is Live: Time to Bring Out Your Best!

Good, better, best: 12@Madison.
Good, better, best: [email protected] Danielle Lirette
Yes, it's that time of year again: Time to vote on our Best of Denver 2018 Readers' Poll.

This former cowtown is growing so fast that sometimes you just need to stop, smell the roses, listen to the birds and take stock of everything that's great about Denver. That's what we're doing right now as we compile our 35th annual Best of Denver, a celebration of everything that's weird and wonderful about this city.

What's the best free service in town? Where's the best spot to take a photo of the sunrise? And what was the best restaurant to open in 2017? (In 2016, [email protected] took the top prize.) We'll answer these questions and hundreds more on March 29, when the Best of Denver hits the streets...and the web.

As always, we’re looking for your input on dozens of the categories that will appear in the Best of Denver...and we're also eager to see your suggestions for other categories that we might want to include. (If you have a people, place or thing that you think deserves an award but no idea of what category it might fit in, you can share that, too.)

This year, all voting is online, and your deadline is March 20, which means there's not a minute to lose.

Time to bring out your best! You can vote here.
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