Candy Girls: Juicy Oozers Sour Gummy Fun Bugs

The history of the Ferrara Pan Candy Company has Salvatore Ferrara coming to America from Italy in 1900 to start a small company that sold Italian pastries and Jordan almonds.  In 1919, Ferrara joined forces with his brothers-in-law to form a partnership that offered a "wide variety of confections."  Today the company is most famous for iconic candies like Boston Baked Beans, Lemonheads, Atomic Fireballs and Red Hots.


We don't know how far down the family line or how many cousins removed you have to go in order to arrive at Juicy Oozers Sour Gummy Fun Bugs, but we have a feeling this probably wasn't in Salvatore Ferrara's vision for the future of his company, even one that included a "wide variety of confections."  The bug-shaped gummies were launched in February of this year under the company's Black Forest brand, which also makes novelty chews in the shape of worms, fish, sharks and bears.


Perhaps the most disturbing part of the packaging is the cricket-type bug on the front, kicking it back all chill with his arms behind his head, while his stomach is exploding juicy ooze.  We can't quite call the bug's expression "happy," though a hint of a smile plays at his lips.  We're wandering in the creepy territory of anthropomorphized food here, but our love for sour gummy candies requires us to look past this and go for the goo.

Once out of the package, the sour sugar sanding makes the bugs fairly indistinguishable as such, lucky for us. Similar to the Starburst GummiBursts in composition, the bugs actually deliver a better treat. The coating provides a slight crunch and counterbalances the chewy body and the oozy, liquid center. Sourness is key, and these pack a satisfying jolt to the tongue. The four flavors -- cherry, watermelon, green apple and strawberry -- are all yummy, though the yellow hue of the watermelon is disorienting.  In spite of the gimmicky packaging and idea, these little bugs make a tasty treat.


So fear not, Signor Ferrara: your great-great-grand nephew twice removed has done you good.

Would we finish the package? Yes

Would we buy again? We would!
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.