Cattle call update: Maxim Prime Steakhouse NOT on its way to LoDo

There's nothing worse than waking up all fresh-faced on a Friday morning, happier than a roach in a coach, only to be told, by someone far smarter than yourself, that you got it completely wrong.

Well, not completely wrong, but wrong enough that I have to back-peddle from my giddy announcement from yesterday that Maxim Prime Steakhouse was going into the former Il Fornaio space in LoDo.

Anyway, long story short: The company that brought Maxim Prime Steakhouse to Atlanta is, in fact, bringing another concept to Denver that will take shape in the vacated Il Fornaio space, but it definitely won't be Maxim Prime.

Any guesses on what it will be?

Back in January, there was speculation that restaurateur and super-rich real estate honcho Jeffrey Chodorow, who had teamed up with Maxim, the bawdy men's magazine, to open a multitude of Maxim Prime steakhouses, would open one right here in Denver, reportedly in Il Fornaio's former perch on the 1600 block of Wazee.

Guess what? We can all stop speculating, because it's finally going to happen. After months of rumors, Chodorow -- the New York billionaire who shredded wimp chef Rocco DiSpirito to ribbons on the ABC reality show The Restaurant and later took out a ranting full-page advertisement in the New York Times debunking that paper's own restaurant critic, Frank Bruni -- is opening his second Maxim Prime sometime in the fall at 1631 Wazee Street.

Hopefully it will be more successful than the first Maxim Prime location, which opened in downtown Atlanta in late 2008 and closed less than a year later, on March 1, 2009.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.