Colorado flood benefits: Drink and eat out to help out

The recent floods in Colorado have left communities devastated, and now restaurants, breweries and bars are doing all they can to help the victims and their families. But as fast as those waters have risen, Colorado businesses have risen to the occasion. Here are links to just some of the events throughout the area raising funds for the cause; if you know of other ways to provide aid, share them in the comments section below.

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Flood Relief at Star Bar -- Thursday, September 19

Ska Seasonal Stout Tapping & CO Flood Relief Fundraiser -- Thursday, September 19

Flood Relief for Colorado at Dazzle -- Thursday, September 19

Longmont Oktoberfest -- Friday, September 20

Loveland Oktoberfest -- Saturday, September 21 Elitch Gardens Thrills & Pils' Brew Festival -- Saturday, September 21

Avery Rumpkin Release w/ Foothills Flood Relief Charity Raffle -- Sunday, September 22

Hoppy Yogi's CO Flood Fundraiser -- Monday, September 30

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