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Reader: Helping Restaurants Through Winter Won't Help My Waistline, but...

The new outdoor dining options at My Brother's Bar.
The new outdoor dining options at My Brother's Bar. Mark Antonation
On October 19, Governor Jared Polis's office, the Colorado Restaurant Association, and assorted design and architecture groups will hold a workshop/charrette to explore creative ways to extend outdoor dining in Colorado this winter. Xcel will help fund the installation of some of the ideas that emerge from that event.

But some eateries aren't waiting. As the weather gets chillier, they're modifying their patios right now. My Brother's Bar, for example, has put in private plastic dining domes, and other spots have come up with equally creative ideas.

In Facebook comments on Mark Antonation's story about outside dining, readers applaud their efforts. Says Melanie:
I am here for it! This looks fun and new, and bring me the Sunday brunch igloos all day! Bottom line, this is what it is right now. They are doing their best and hospitality needs this! They deserve it! Whoever has the best music and food and some sort of outdoor option and doesn't make an announcement about is a rotten egg!!!!
Responds Gloria:
Agreed! I saw these at a restaurant downtown already, but they were so packed and busy that they had a two-hour wait! It's gonna be cool to eat inside these with the pretty Christmas lights coming up and with snow falling as you sit in a cute and cozy little space!
Comments Catherine: 
These are fun, for sure. But I hope that some places will put out heaters or fire pits and tell us to tough it out in our parkas. We do it when we ski.
Replies Dom:
We dined outdoors last year in downtown Denver. Temperature was about 30 that evening, and with the heaters it was more than comfortable.
Adds Jill: 
I'm going to do everything I can to help restaurants this winter. It won't help my waistline, but...sacrifices.
But then there's this for Michael:
So we can do this for diners but not the homeless? Awesome way to prioritize.
What do you think local restaurants need to do to survive until spring? Have you seen any smart examples of outdoor dining around town? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected], and read about more ideas here.
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