Cook's Fresh Market unveils new dinner menu

Cook's Fresh Market is serving up a new dish to downtown dwellers and commuters. The upscale grocer at 1600 Glenarm has begun selling bistro dinners on weeknights from 5 to 8 p.m. for an unbelievably not-so upscale price of under $10 an entree.

Menu items include wood roasted beef tri-tip sirloin with a tomato-blue cheese salsa with sides of asparagus and mashed potatoes; fettuccini with garlic, onion, bacon, spinach, cream and parmesan reggiano; and pork shoulder green chile stew with black beans and herb rice. You can check out the entire dinner menu here.

Owner and chefs, Edward and Kristin Janos believe that downtown "needs a fast, casual dinner service, with delicious and affordable entrees that can be served to you in the market or taken home to enjoy. Creativity, variety and value are essential to the the downtown diner's palate," they insist.

We'll eat to that.


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