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Corvus Coffee Roasters pushes back grand opening of new location

Phil Goodlaxson, owner/roster of Corvus Coffee Roasters, had hoped to hold a grand opening of Corvus's new home at 1740 South Broadway -- just two blocks away from its original home at 1947 South Broadway -- at 10 a.m. tomorrow. In fact, construction was going so well that the outfit moved out of its old (a relative term, since that spot opened just sixteen months ago) location at the end of September, and posted its October 6 grand opening plans on Facebook. But then came permitting problems and the government shutdown.... See also: Corvus Coffee will open a shop on South Broadway

And now it looks like tomorrow's festivities may be off. According to an October 1 Facebook post:

Update: We are still in between permits. The Government shutdown is not helping. We're still planning on industry night tonight for coffee folks, but we are moving all free drinks in the AM to next week. Sorry for any inconvenience! Hope to see you soon!

The next day came this post:

Update #2- Still waiting on permits. We are holding off soft opening still until we are able to complete everything through the city. Still hoping to see you here soon!
So do we, Corvus, as do we.

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