Craigslist Ad Seeks Bouncer for "No Fear" Castle Rock Restaurant

This scene on Mother's Day could have used an open-carry bouncer.
This scene on Mother's Day could have used an open-carry bouncer. CBS4
A new Castle Rock restaurant is looking for an open-carry bouncer to man the door of its establishment "dedicated to having no fear in the face of this pandemic," according to a Craiglist ad posted on May 13.

The job listing says that the applicant should be willing to work with a diverse clientele, including "ranch-white to suburban-white and militia-white," and "process customers of various ranges and shapes, from XL to XXXL."
click to enlarge We're guessing this Craigslist job ad won't be up long. - CRAIGSLIST SCREEN SHOT
We're guessing this Craigslist job ad won't be up long.
Craigslist screen shot
Sounds like a perfect job opportunity for the any of the folks who showed up at the Mother's Day fiasco at C&C Coffee and Kitchen in Castle Rock in defiance of state executive orders.

C&C, which has since been ordered closed by the state, isn't the only eating establishment in Colorado to defy orders and reopen, despite the fact that they are still ordered closed to indoor dining everywhere but in Mesa County. Shooters Grill in nearby Garfield County on the Western Slope is open for business, and plans to stay that way pending any action by the county; Greeley's El Charro and a few other spots in Weld County have also reopened, and the county apparently is going to let them stay open.
But otherwise, restaurants across the state are limited to pick-up and delivery. On May 11, Governor Jared Polis indicated that he'd be giving more guidance on reopening dates and regulations come May 25, "based on the latest data and evidence."

In the meantime, the C&C story continues to grab national attention...and inspire what we can only hope is this parody ad. But its sarcasm points out an all-too-real situation: the growing divide between safer-at-home proponents who put the health and safety of the community first, and the "reopen now" advocates who want to see businesses return to normal ASAP.

But just in case it's real, apply now if you look good in a full head scarf, want to practice your Second Amendment rights, and enjoy catering to every entitled Karen and Chad out there.
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