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Dae Gee Will Soon Open Second Spot in Denver

Here's a welcome sign: Dae Gee will soon its second location, this one in central Denver, at the former home of 4G's Mexican Restaurant at 827 Colorado Boulevard. The original Dae Gee in Westminster won our Best Korean Restaurant award in the Best of Denver 2014 -- and yes, there was plenty of competition in that category. See also: Best Korean Restaurant -- Dae Gee The name "Dae Gee" translates to pig; Joseph Kim, who'd graduated the University of Colorado with a finance degree and initially ran a dry-cleaning outfit, wound up buying the former Kaya Korean BBQ in 2011 and transforming it with the help of his mother-in-law, who'd owned a restaurant in Hawaii.

And Dae Gee soon had fans of Korean barbecue in hog heaven, especially with its all-you-can eat lunch and dinner options. Here's our description of Dae Gee from the Best of Denver 2014:

Denver may not have an official Koreatown, but it has a large Korean population -- and an impressive number of places where you can sample cabbage kimchi, zucchini-studded pancakes and sizzling bibimbap. Most of the metro area's Korean restaurants are in Aurora, but when we're jonesing for a fix, we head to Arvada's Dae Gee. The name translates to "pig out," and that's precisely what you'll do as you dive into unlimited cook-your-own barbecue, dropping meats into the hot skillets that center the tables, then pulling out the caramelized flesh and lubricating it with hot chile sauce squeezed from a squirt bottle, then wrapping the meat with other condiments in leafy lettuce wraps. As at most Korean restaurants, a parade of banchan -- small bowls of sides -- precedes the meal, and truth be told, they're a meal in themselves.
Hungry yet? Watch for the Denver Dae Gee to open its doors next month.

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