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Reader: Denver Is Jam-Packed With So-So Pizza, and a Few Good Ones

Marco's Coal Fired just made the 50 Top Pizza guide, a prestigious list that's like Italy's Michelin Guide for pizza.
A winning pizza from Marco's Coal Fired.
A winning pizza from Marco's Coal Fired.
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Everything's coming up pizza in Denver right now. In April, a less-than-scientific study named the Mile High the best pizza city in America, and while some readers disagreed, it's hard to deny the fact that the metro area is jam-packed with high-quality pies of all styles.

And now there's more pizza news to celebrate. The annual Italy-based 50 Top Pizza guide is like the Michelin Guide for pizza. To create it, anonymous inspectors evaluate pizzerias all over the world. This year's USA list, which was announced on June 25, includes one local spot: Marco's Coal Fired, which landed at number 49.

Opened by Mark and Kristy Dym at 2129 Larimer Street in 2008, it's been a go-to in the Ballpark neighborhood for Neapolitan-style pies ever since; it also has a location in Centennial. It's also the only pizzeria in the state that is certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

But despite the honor, reviews are mixed on the Westword Facebook page responses to Molly Martin's story on the Marco's top 50 rating. Says Aaron:
Sorry, Marco's is good; however, it does not land even in the Top 5 of Denver’s pizzerias.
Adds Colin:
Not even close to top 10 in Denver.
Suggests Josh:
Maybe Marco's is great, I’ll try it. But it would be great if the pizza list deities would pick Neapolitan shops less often. There are about thirty different pizza styles and Neapolitan is not inherently superior.
Offers Nathan:
Just tried this place out; they must be busy as fuck because they mixed up my delivery order. It was delicious anyway, and I got a doordash credit. But yeah the hype is real...10 out of 10 even with getting the wrong order.
Comments Donald: 
No surprise it sneaks in at 49. Cause 98 percent of Denver pizza sucks.
Notes Dave:
Cook the best NYC pizza at 5000 feet and it will come out like Denver's. It's the altitude, dummies. You think because the people are stupid or something?
Responds Larry:
I can and will deny that Denver is jam-packed with high-quality pizza. More like jam-packed with so-so pizza with a few good ones.
Adds Dom: 
There aren't even three good pizza spots in Denver. "Jam-packed," yeah, fucking right.
Concludes Neil:
Oh, boy, another opportunity for aholes who moved here from other places to complain about the pizza. Please move back to those places; none of the natives will miss you.
What do you think of Marco's Coal Fired? Of Denver pizza in general? What's your favorite joint in town? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected].
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