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Reader: There's Nothing Wrong With Being Your Own City, Denver

Welcome to SoDo?
Welcome to SoDo? Mark Antonation
Everyone's heard of LoDo, RiNo and LoHi. But moniker mania is spreading south to SoDo, which most people know as the University of Denver area or perhaps even Rosedale (thanks, Post Chicken & Beer!). SoDo Village Market, a new organic grocery store, opened yesterday at 2395 South Downing Street; the owners are Mike and Lisa Lapp, who live in the neighborhood and own the Village Cork. What does SoDo look like? Find out today; the market is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

But in the meantime, readers are commenting on Denver's name game, which has been mocked from coast to coast and even on South Park. Says Marcelino:
What the f*ck is SoDo? That's so annoying.
Adds Kleber:

SoDoSoPa is finally a real thing!
But then there's this from Anwar:

This is all bullshit acronyms used by sleazebag realty companies to sell their shit to the highest bidder and move everybody else. Denver is trying so hard to be like NYC. It's not fucking NYC.
Adds Adam:

When my family moved to Colorado from NY when I was sixteen, the first thing I noticed was how often the local news stations tried to compare Denver to NYC. It was like penis envy. It was ridiculous.
There isn't anything wrong with being your own city, Denver. Stop trying to be something you are not.
Concludes Emily:

This place is operated by a couple from the neighborhood who has also owned a fantastic local restaurant for years. Who cares what that part of town is now called? This cute little market is awesome.
No matter what you call the area around Downing south of Evans, we're guessing you'll call SoDo Village Market's food delicious.

click to enlarge South Park's creators are from Colorado, and know what developing Denver looks like. - SOUTH PARK
South Park's creators are from Colorado, and know what developing Denver looks like.
South Park

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