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Denver Passport Program Rolls Out New Discount Booklet for Coffee Tourists

The masterminds behind the well-known Denver Passport Program, Two Parts, launched a new passport concept this week, bringing coffee lovers a new excuse to overcaffeinate (or bribe friends with coffee). The Fika Passport contains two-for-one coffee drinks at 24 separate coffee shops around the city.

The new passport is named after the fika tradition in Sweden, the  daily coffee break during which patrons sit and have a cup with a friend or just relax. The act of actually enjoying your coffee instead of rushing out the door to get on with your busy day is crucial to the fika concept. The coffee experience itself is worth slowing down for, and Two Parts feels that with the booming coffee scene in Denver, this new passport will help spread the fika revolution. 

So, how do you become a fika practitioner? The new passport went on sale last week and is likely to sell out soon. As with the Denver Passport (which sold out in less than a week last year), purchases can be made on the Fika Passport website. The passports are valid April 1 through October 1, and each participating location has a specific drink (some have a few options to choose from).

There are 24 coffee shops in the booklet, and each one has a page that gets stamped upon redemption, just like a real passport. From cortados and pour-over coffees to specialty drinks like a lavender latte, the Fika Passport is also a great way to get people to try new coffee drinks. Many well-known spots like Corvus and Boxcar are participating, as well as a ton of new kids in the coffee scene, such as Stowaway, Lula Rose and Black Eye Cap Hill. If you hurry and get your passport, you can slow down and enjoy your coffee like a fika veteran. 
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Chelsea Keeney
Contact: Chelsea Keeney