Denver police sting nabs four bars for selling liquor to minors

The Denver Police Department's Vice 50 team, working with the District 4 SCAT unit, conducted an underage-compliance operation last Friday, October 19. Out of 53 establishments visited by underage, undercover cadets, nine locations sold them alcohol -- resulting in nine arrests for the sale of alcohol to a minor, and one bonus arrest for "urinating in public," to an unlucky fellow who happened to be on West Alameda Avenue.

The DPD has stepped up enforcement lately, which explains why so many bars and restaurants around town are diligent about carding -- just about everybody. And 44 liquor establishments were found to be in compliance, including the beleaguered El Diablo -- although an employee at Boyz Town, right next door at 117 Broadway, got popped for selling alcohol to a minor.

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Other familiar names that got stung in the sting: Highland Tavern, at 3400 Navajo Street; Denver Wheel Club 404, at 404 Broadway; and Aqua Lounge, at 1417 Krameria Street. (The other spots that failed the test were all liquor stores.)

But many more bar/restaurants passed the test with flying colors, including The Elm, Bar Car, College Inn, Chinook Bar & Grill (the Chinook at 1950 South Holly Street, not to be confused with the Chinook Tavern in Greenwood Village -- although the DPD memo did just that), Stadium Inn, Prohibition, Wrangler, Williams Tavern, Highland Pacific and El Padrino. Cheers.

Here's the entire DPD document:

Liquor Sting 10.19.12

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