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Reader: Everyone Needs to Eat, So Patronize Restaurants However You Can

My Brother's Bar has replaced all indoor seating with outdoor options.
My Brother's Bar has replaced all indoor seating with outdoor options. Mark Antonation
Governor Jared Polis ordered restaurants closed across Colorado on March 17, allowing them to offer only to-go and delivery. At the end of May, restaurants could reopen at 50 percent dining capacity, and under strict public-health guidelines.

But as the COVID-19 numbers got worse through October, a number of counties have had to dial back their business activities. And on October 28, that list expanded to include Denver, where Mayor Michael Hancock ordered restaurants to reduce indoor-dining capacity to 25 percent. While outdoor dining that observes social distancing is not limited, the Mile High dining scene is still looking at a long, cold, winter.

Meanwhile, readers are still debating whether the government should be involved in trying to control a pandemic, and discussed it again in the Facebook post of our capacity-reduction story. Says Kristy:
This is ridiculous!! It should be up to the business owner or restaurant. People are losing their businesses and houses because they can't pay their bills...let's get back to normal already!
Counters John: 
Everyone needs to wear masks. No one is exempt. I live in Denver and see many people not wearing them, strolling around in crowds. We can beat this thing. We have to work together.
Adds Joe: 
I have been very impressed with how Denver restaurants are working to keep us safe.
Responds Alexander:
Any restaurant or bar owner that agrees with this tyranny deserves to lose their business — the rest of them need to get active and vote these oppressors out.
Notes Charles:
I haven't set foot in a restaurant or bar since March or maybe late February, and won't until this is resolved.
And Jeff concludes:
Well, everyone still needs to eat as much as they always have, so please patronize restaurants just as much as you always would. It’s very convenient to have your food delivered or pick it up. If we all stick together, we can solve this thing.
Are you going out to eat? Are you ordering to-go and delivery? Which eateries do you think are doing a good job during these tough times? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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