Reader: Your Best Wings List? Faith in Humanity Restored!

Reader: Your Best Wings List? Faith in Humanity Restored!
Linnea Covington
What will you be snacking on during the Super Bowl? This week we served up Linnea Covington's "Denver's Ten Best Chicken Wings for Game Day — and All Year," and readers balked at some of her omissions. Where was Colorado Willie's? Wingin' It? Rico Pollo? 10 Barrel?

And other readers cried fowl over the spots that did make the cut:

Says Michael: 
Looks like a bunch of yuppie foo-foo joints. Probably overpriced and overhyped.
Adds Dan:
Too many smoked wings... double fry and Frank's is all you need.
Suggests Manuel:
 Piper Inn kicks Cherry Cricket's ass, and Steuben's was a waste of my money. The only reason I like Cherry Cricket was it's also always open late, but the wings were not all that.

Park Burger is another one of my favorite places for wings and great burgers; it also had this blueberry cobbler shake that was the one of the best shakes that I have ever had in my life, but it was a special and I only was able to have it one time.
Comments Victoria: 
Came here to say “Whaaa??? No Fire on the Mountain??!” I call shenanigans, or these articles are “pay to play” and thus worthless.
But then there's this from Ben: 
No Wing Hut, no Buffalo Wild Wings and no Wing Stop! Faith in humanity restored!!!

However, Denver seriously needs a Bar Bill Tavern. If you call yourself a wing aficionado and don't know about Bar Bill, you really can't say you like wings that much.
And Jason concludes with a shout-out for, yes, Wing Hut: 
Thank God you didn't list the real two best so no one will be there on game day, Wing Hut and Golden Flame.
Too late, Jason!

Linnea Covington
For the record, here are the picks on our "Denver's Ten Best Chicken Wings for Game Day — and All Year": Ace Eat Serve, Bonchon, Crush Pizza & Tap, Departure, GQ Championship BBQ, Grillin' Wings & Things, Tap & Burger, Spanky's Urban Roadhouse, Steuben's and Zocalito Bistro. And no joint paid to play on this list; Covington just followed her tastebuds.

Her favorite chicken wings come from wide-ranging kitchens...from A to Z, in fact, with just a brief stop at Buffalo.

To make the "tiger wings" at Ace Eat Serve (in photo above), for example, chef Thach Tran brines them overnight in a mixture of garlic, fish sauce, salt and sugar, creating an unami bomb of flavor after they're fried three times. And at Zocalito, a new downtown joint, chef Michael Beary uses poultry from Wayne Farms in Georgia, and each batch of wings is fried and seasoned with your choice of citrusy Peruvian, spicy Escondido or smoky pasilla, made with smoked chiles from the mountains of Oaxaca.

Who makes your favorite chicken wings? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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