Now serving at 20th Street Cafe.
Now serving at 20th Street Cafe.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Who Needs a Crazy Brunch? I'm Just Trying to Beat a Hangover!

Where will you be eating this morning? At a hip brunch or at one of Denver's old-school diners, including 20th Street Cafe? That's the 72-year-old joint in downtown Denver that Gretchen Kurtz just reviewed, introducing a new generation of diners to this classic spot.

In connection with that review, we served up our list of Ten Old-School Diners Serving Up Denver's Best Cheap Breakfast. And while some readers agreed with our rosters, others were quick to dish up other names. Where was Tom's Diner? Denver Diner? Breakfast Queen?

A few suggestions were surprises, including this from Ryan: 

Red Rooster should be on there.

Other readers saluted our list. Says Jeff: 

I’ve clogged my arteries at all of them. Yum!

Adds Gene: 

Davies' Chuck Wagon, love that place. The staff is always on the ball!

Thomas takes issue with one: 

Pete's is anything but cheap ! Last time I went there one meal was 17 dollars!

But compared to some spots, Pete's could be a bargain. Says Tom: 

When I moved here, everyone wanted to do these crazy brunches that cost $60-plus a person and you gotta wait wait hours for a table.....I’m just trying to beat a hangover here."

Keep reading for the complete list, and links to related stories:

Reader: Who Needs a Crazy Brunch? I'm Just Trying to Beat a Hangover!
Danielle Lirette

"Review: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee at 20th Street Cafe"

Reader: Who Needs a Crazy Brunch? I'm Just Trying to Beat a Hangover!
Danielle Lirette

"Ten Old-School Diners Serving Up the Best Cheap Breakfast in Denver"

While avocado toast, chia bowls and pressed juice are what's hot in Denver's breakfast eateries these days, there are still spots where you can step back in time to enjoy not just the most important meal of the day, but the most delicious. Spots that, with any luck, smother everything in green chile, sausage gravy or syrup, and serve it up with a smile and bottomless cup of coffee.

For the record, here were our top ten old-school joints for a great cheap breakfast around metro Denver: Breakfast Inn, Breakfast King, Butcher Block Cafe, Davies' Chuck Wagon, Home Cafe, Pete's Kitchen, Sam's No. 3, Swift's Breakfast House, 20th Street Cafe and Yanna's Cafe.

What did we miss? Post a comment or email cafe@westword.com.

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